Justin Sun Clarifies Stand on OKS DeFi Project, Says it’s Not Related to TRON or Poloniex

Justin Sun, Founder and CEO of TRON, tweeted on Thursday regarding the infamous OKS DeFi project on the blockchain. He clarified that the project was developed by the community, and he or TRON has nothing to do with it.

In a subsequent tweet in the Twitter thread, Sun informed that OKS smart contract was not verified, and therefore, advised investors to refrain from investing in the project. He cautioned them about the risks involved and stated that neither he nor TRON will be responsible for any damage. The TRON creator further added that they got in touch with Poloniex, and confirmed that OKS has no relationship with the exchange as well.

However, a group of users on Twitter accused Justin Sun of being biased, and unjust in his portrayal of OKS. A couple of users alleged that Sun offered OKS IEO of 10 million to be done at 0.025 USDT per OKS token on Poloniex, which the project rejected. This is why Sun is now taking revenge for the rejection, alleged the users.

While such accusations have little to no substance to back them, Sun must put all doubts to rest at the earliest. TRON has already been at the wrong end of controversies and accusations on multiple occasions. Therefore, he must take cognizance, and end the controversy before it takes a bad shape.

Adam Billingsley

Adam Billingsley is a lead blockchain news writer at CryptonewsZ. His work revolves around the applications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ripple, and other coins.

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