John McAfee Says Everyone Can Use the GHOST Token, Including Criminals

Computer scientist, and crypto entrepreneur John McAfee, tweeted that the GHOST Mainnet will go live today. The GHOST is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency targeted towards ensuring the total privacy of the users while transacting online.

Many people have raised questions about the complete privacy and anonymity of online transactions, arguing that criminals might use it to carry out anti-social activities. Last year, US President Donald Trump also raised a similar concern, when he alleged that Bitcoin is used for criminal activities like terror funding, money laundering, drug trafficking, etc.

However, McAfee reiterated his stand on the issue stating that criminals use all kinds of technologies. In a tweet earlier today, he argued that criminals use all modern technologies like fast cars, 3D printers, aeroplanes, phones, etc. to commit crimes of various degrees and magnitudes.

The question of whether crypto helps criminals has been a topic of debate for a very long time, and the global community continues to be divided on the issue. While those who criticize Bitcoin or crypto, in general, argue that immutability, privacy, anonymity, and irreversibility of transactions can be a tool of destruction, the enthusiasts counter the argument citing the examples of how washing soaps can be turned into explosives, mobile phones can be used as detonators, emails can spread virus and much more.

For a rational argument, it must be understood that blocking a technology simply because it can be misused by someone doesn’t make sense in modern times. Even after the US dropped the atom bombs in Japan causing destruction of epic proportions, the research on atomic and nuclear science didn’t cease to exist. It was only regulated.

That’s what seems to be better for both sides. However, the likes of McAfee wouldn’t agree as he is strictly against regulations or restrictions on financial freedom. This is exactly why he created the McAfee DEX, a decentralized crypto exchange, and now the GHOST protocol mainnet. A large number of people in the crypto community believe in the idea of complete economic freedom, and therefore it is a perspective that cannot be ignored for a long time.

Adam Billingsley

Adam Billingsley is a lead blockchain news writer at CryptonewsZ. His work revolves around the applications of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ripple, and other coins.

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