John McAfee Explains What is Crypto in a Recent Twitter Video

Computer scientist turned crypto entrepreneur John McAfee posted a new video on Twitter explaining the concept of cryptocurrencies, and their importance. Known for putting his unabashed views without mincing words, McAfee urged the viewers to use crypto to end their financial slavery.

In the video, McAfee said crypto is a ‘permission-less’ and ‘trust-less’ alternative to fiat money. Users neither need the permission of the government nor do they need to trust their banks or any money transfer agency for the transactions, he added.

John McAfee Said

McAfee has been an advocate of financial independence and has been at a tussle with the US government for a very long time. In September last year, McAfee said that the US Government fears crypto, and using fiat currency was slavery. He had said at that time that taxes were a constitutional theft by the authorities, which is a big reason for him creating a token that ensures complete anonymity and privacy of the users. McAfee launched a decentralized crypto exchange called McAfee DEX in October last year, and recently a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, GHOST token.

Meanwhile, the GHOST token is creating a lot of hype in crypto circles and has already received support from quite a few directions. ZPAE, a UAE-centric crypto wallet has openly announced its support for GHOST, saying that it will add more value to McAfee’s project and ecosystem. It said that it will release a blog explaining in detail about the collaboration.

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