Binance China Blockchain Institute Partners with Real Estate Giant Xinyuan Group

Binance China Blockchain Institute, the blockchain ecosystem development arm of Binance, announced a partnership with China’s real estate giant Xinyuan Group. The partnership with the NYSE-listed company will allow the institute to push blockchain application in the real estate industry, through scientific research, technological development, project incubation, and more.

According to a blog published on its website, Binance stated that the partnership between its institutional blockchain research arm and the leading Chinese real estate company will help blockchain application to penetrate the global real estate industry, including New York. Mai Lu, Asia-Pacific VP at Binance said that the collaboration with a prominent progressive real estate company will fuel blockchain development and pull innovative ideas for applications. He further said,

Mai Lu said

Over the last decade, blockchain technology has successfully penetrated various industries, including virtual gaming, finance, pharma, etc. However, the real estate segment remains quite underserved, though there’s enormous potential for application and growth in the industry.

The partnership between the two giants will allow them to conduct joint research in the segments like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), FinTech, Big Data, and other innovative modern technologies. These researches will be aimed to derive results that shall impact real-world value. The two parties will also establish a think tank collaboratively, formulate strategies to support innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs. Besides, they will also build an epicenter for blockchain incubation, funding, and hosting industry-related events.

Adam Billingsley

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